The NHS in Scotland have issued new guidance  – Moving towards a return to routine dental care, Covid-19, standard operating procedures for dental teams in Scotland

As this is new to everyone, Airco Developments Ltd are here to answer you questions and help you meet these new regulations.

How Much Ventilation Do You Need?

Current building regulations stipulate whole building ventilation to be at least, 10 litres per second, per person. Updated healthcare guidance for new buildings and refurbishments specifies a treatment room should have at least 10 air changes per hour.

Is Funding Available?

Tom Ferris, Chief Dental Officer, has confirmed funding of up to £5 million will be available from the Scottish Government for the dental sector to help dental practices purchase, renew, or upgrade ventilation equipment to meet ventilation requirements.

What About Natural Ventilation?

Natural ventilation is impossible to calculate accurately and doesn’t provide a consistent ventilation standard. Mechanical ventilation ensures that your surgery will meet, or go beyond these requirements.

About Airco

Airco specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of Fresh Air Input Systems (Mechanical Ventilation systems) and all other associated works to comply with current Local Authority, GasSafe and Environmental Health requirement. We are fully accredited through the BESA (Building Engineering Services Association), GasSafe and CLE (Construction Licensing Executive).

How We Can Help

Our mechanical ventilation systems achieve 10+ air changes per hour. Keeping your surgery as safe as possible for all staff and patients.

Airco systems conform to the latest standards, including the new Covid-19 SOP. We install our system non-disruptively for maximum patient care.

Our team are fully accredited by BESA to provide low-noise systems safely within your budget requirements to ensure optimal performance.

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