Facts About Kitchen Ventilation

Kitchen ventilation is a vital part of your commercial kitchen and something that must be tested for compliance by gassafe insurance and your local authority every year, but is often overlooked.

Fresh air and extract fans suck up smells, vapours and hot air coming off of a grill through the kitchen hood and the unwanted air will then be taken outside your premises and replaced with fresh air. 

A well ventilated kitchen is a safer and more pleasurable place to work and prepare food in.

Restaurant kitchen ventilation has to deal with grease, smoke and odours not found in other ventilation systems. Because of this, restaurant ventilation requires the use of a kitchen hood and filtering system to accommodate the amount of air being ventilated.

A good kitchen ventilation system will:

  • Remove fumes coming off of cooking equipment as close to the equipment as possible
  • Replace hot air that is present in the kitchen with fresh air from outdoors
  • Keep staff and customers to be comfortable
  • Be easy to clean
  • Not be noisy or cause any disturbance

With a professionally installed Airco system your restaurant will be a place people will enjoy and return to time and time again. 

Having an adequately ventilated restaurant will ensure that your dining area and kitchen smell fresh.

The most important benefits of a properly running kitchen ventilation system is the reduced risk of fire. The ventilation will suck up any combustible grease and vapors so they won’t be left near an open flame. 

With regular cleaning and servicing to remove any grease or grime buildup that will occur in the ductwork you can be assured that your premises are safe and your staff and customers are happy. 

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